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  • Pengolahan Air Limbah Domestik
  • Pengolahan Air Limbah Domestik

Services Description Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

Advanced STP

STP is a processing unit designed to treat liquid waste from domestic activities such as from bathrooms, kitchens and other daily activities to meet quality standards and is permitted to be disposed of into the environment.

Zefa has several STP technologies :

1. Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR)
MBBR is very efficient for biological systems both anaerobic, anoxic and aerobic. The advantages of using MBBR:

  • Increases processing efficiency and reduction of COD, BOD, Ammonia, TSS, etc.
  • Small Footprint
  • Processed products are more stable to shock load
2. Advanced STP
The tank is in the form of a capsule made of FRP material, in which there is a compartment designed for domestic waste treatment ranging from equalization, anaerobi, aerobic, biofiltration and disinfection. The advantage is that it is minimalist and easy to operate, Low Energy

3. Biocleaner

The consortium of bacteria compressed into pellets is inserted into the stainless steel tube. Biocleaner bacteria will reproduce according to the required conditions and are resistant to changing conditions. The advantages are Low energy, No Slude and No odor.

4. Etc


Design will be adjusted according to customer needs. By providing input data in the form of:
  • Inlet Quality
  • Processing Capacity / Discharge
  • Target processed
  • And others can be detailed into the Survey Form.

If there are special instructions / requests regarding the system, materials and other matters, it can be discussed further.


After the survey data is obtained and after the Zefa team designs the survey data, the Zefa team also performs construction services according to the agreed contract.

After Sales Service

PT Zefa Valindo Jaya provides after sales service to customers for customer satisfaction.

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