• Penggantian Media Filter
  • Penggantian Media Filter

Services Description Penggantian Media Filter

Water filter is a unit to filter and remove contaminants in water, the process is also called Filtration. The contaminants that can be filtered or removed depend on the type of media used. There are several types of filters based on the medium, namely:

  • Sand Filter containing Silica or Anthracite media functions to filter discrete particles or solid residue that has been carried over from the previous processing unit.
  • Carbon Filter contains activated carbon which functions to filter odors, colors, remaining organic and inorganic materials in the water.
  • Manganesse Filter contains Manganesse Greensands / Manganese Sand which functions to filter out excess iron (Fe) and Manganese (Mn) content in water
  • Zeolite Filter contains Zeolite Sand which functions to filter iron (Fe) and other metals from the water,
  • And so forth

Why need filter media?

Water filters are needed to filter / remove contaminants according to the type of medium. Filter media is used to obtain a better quality of treated water in accordance with the processing target to be achieved.

Maintenance Filter

Perform routine backwash to obtain stable processed products and prevent blocking (clogging).

When a routine backwash has been carried out, the processed products tend not to reach the target both in terms of quality and quantity, even meaning that the media is saturated and must be replaced

Lifetime of media that is worth replacing, ideally every 6-12 months.

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