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Dosing System or also known as Chemical Dosing System is a method used to dosing a chemical using a dosing pump. Dosing Pump functions to flow chemical solutions by injection from a chemical solution tank to another place. This chemical injection pump needed for internal water treatment and must be kept in normal operation to ensure that the chemicals are injected according to the dosage.

How does it work ?

Depending on the brand and model, Chemical Dosing System works in a variety of methods. All of these methods work to take a certain amount of the chemical and then inject it into a pipe. There are several main parts to dosing pump setup:

  • Chemical tank or container, serves to place chemicals that have been dosed
  • Foot Valve, This is a one-way valve that is connected to the suction line which is placed on the inside so that the pump can work optimally. The foot valve must have a load on it so that it remains at the bottom and some are equipped with a float switch attached so that the pump has an active alarm if the product runs out.
  • Liquid End, Varies in size and material but generally a variety of chemical resistant plastics such as PVC, PE or the like, PVDF or Stainless Steel. Generally, the suction line and dosage are indicated on the suction line. This dosing line can be PVC or PE pipe or hose. Sometimes in steam, hot water or super high pressure applications, the line can be stainless steel equipped with a pressure relief or air release valve. but generally the pointer is just a line
  • Injector, It is a one-way valve so that when the dosing pump pushes a certain amount of chemical into the line, the injector can exert pressure into the flow line. After the chemical flow is released the pump will stop, the valve will stop the liquid in the delivery line. After using it for a while, the liquid, in the form of acid or chlorine or peroxide, can clog the pipe walls
  • Control System, Chemical Dosing Pump is equipped with a control system such as a timer that is installed to ensure the pump has an accurate dose and is on / off at a certain time. Some are also equipped with sensors for pH, chlorine and the like as well as variable rate control for raising and lowering dose levels. Usually this type of pump is used in more complex operating systems.

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