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  • Cleaning Cooling Tower

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Chiller is a heat transfer device that uses a cooling system to remove heat from the process load and transfer or release heat to the environment. Chiller can also be categorized as the refrigeration machine of choice for conditioning industrial facilities and public facilities.

The chiller function itself is generally used to reduce the temperature of all types of equipment and processes such as injection machines, welding equipment, oil refineries, power stations, chemical plants and food and beverage factories. Even just to cool drinking water to desired level.

Why does the Cooling Tower need cleaning?

Cleaning Cooling Tower is one of mandatory activities to keep cooling tower operating optimally or producing the desired temperature. If the condenser or evaporator is dirty or has started clogging, the cooling tower performance will automatically decrease.

The main function of this condenser is to remove heat from the Cooling Tower which serves to cool the Freon and help the cooling process.

Risks if you don't do maintenance or cleaning.

1. Low / High Pressure, if it is Low Pressure then there will be a frost in the pipe from the expansion valve to the evaporator, causing the evaporator to clog. If it is high pressure, the freon gas that is compressed from the compressor to the condenser cannot be cooled by water from the condenser input to the out condenser, so the condenser cannot reduce the heat of the freon gas.

2. Small Popma pressure, makes the water pump not circulating and makes high amperage and thermal trip (can cause the pump to leak).

The two reasons above show that if you don't take care of your Cooling Tower properly, there is a risk that your Cooling Tower's performance is not optimal, and the worst thing is that your Cooling Tower can be damaged. So it is important to regularly maintain Cooling Tower.

What can we do for you?

▹ Cleaning the Unit (AHU, EVAPORATOR, CONDENSER)

▹ Wash and check Cooling Tower, Filter and Pipe Installation Condition (with specialty chemical required)

In working on Cleaning Cooling Tower we have the following advantages:

1. Staff who are experts in their fields and experienced

2. Chemical own production

3. ISO Certified

4. Prioritizing Safety First

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