• Advanced Water water Treatment Plant (WTP)
  • Advanced Water water Treatment Plant (WTP)
  • Advanced Water water Treatment Plant (WTP)

Services Description Advanced Water water Treatment Plant (WTP)

WTP is a raw water processing unit (raw water) from the source into clean water and even drinking water that meets the required quality standards.

Several water sources that can be used as WTP inlets are:

  • River
  • Reservoir / Pond
  • Well
  • WWTP / STP (Recycle) Outlet
  • Etc.

The process unit contained in a WTP varies depending on the processing needs in terms of water sources and WTP treatment destinations. But basically the process that occurs is as follows:

  • Coagulation is needed if the source water tends to be cloudy, for example river water. The process that occurs is the addition of a chemical in the form of a coagulant for the formation of floc from particles in the water so that it can be separated.
  • Flocculation, this unit will add a chemical which is a flocculant sibeu which aims to form a larger floc so that it is easier to separate from water.
  • Sedimentation, in this process floc-floc deposition will occur which is formed from the coagulation and flocculation processes.
  • Filtration, this unit is the core treatment of WTP, where the water filtering process occurs using a filter to remove contaminants so that the outlet is cleaner / purer.
  • Disinfection, is the final process in WTP, which is to remove pathogens in water so that it is safe to use.

What are the WTP processing units that ZEFA can supply?

1. Coagulation & Flocculation

  • Dosing Pump / metering pump
  • Chemical Tank
  • Coagulator + Agitator
  • Floculator + Agiatator
  • Static Mixer
  • etc

2. Sedimentation

  • Lamella Clarifier
  • Cylindrical Clarifier
  • Sludge Treatment (Filter Press)
  • etc

3. Filtration

  • Conventional filters (Sand Filter, Carbon Filter, Management filter, Softener, etc)
  • Membrane technology (Micro Filtration, Ultra Filtration, Nano filtration and Reverse Osmosis)
  • etc

4. Disinfection

  • Dosing system (Dosing pump + chemical tank)
  • Electro Chlorination
  • Ultraviolet (UV System)
  • Ozonation
  • etc


Design will be adjusted according to customer needs. By providing data input in the form of:

  • Inlet Quality
  • Processing Capacity / Discharge
  • Target processed
  • And others can be detailed into the Survey Form.

If there are special instructions / requests regarding the system, materials and other matters, it can be discussed further.

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