• Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs)
  • Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs)
  • Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs)
  • Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs)

Services Description Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs)


Price : Based on processing capacity, water source, processing target
Data : By survey form

Apa itu AOP?

AOP is a breakthrough in water and wastewater treatment technology with a chemical process designed to reduce the organic content in water using the oxidation method utilizing the "strongest oxidator", namely hydroxyl radical (OHo).

What conditions require AOP?

  • Wastewater with a very high pollution load and can no longer be treated with conventional and biogical systems in general
  • Non-biodegradable Wastewater, characterized by a ratio of COD and BOD <30%
  • Processing time is very long and the need for land for processing units is very large, so it requires very high costs
  • If you have the problems mentioned above then "AOP" is the solution.

Benefits & advantages of using AOP

  • Produces "Strongest Oxidator" independently and is able to reduce various contaminants in water with a treatability of up to 99%.
  • "Customize" design so that it can adapt to the needs both in terms of capacity, land availability, processing targets and so on.
  • "Compact", "moveable" & "small footprint" designs
  • Close system, so No Odor
  • Fast retention time, generally 2-4 hours from inlet to oulet.
  • NO sludge

  • Benefits of using the AOP system
  • AOP is an oxidation method for decomposing target pollutans.
  • AOP works by producing the strongest oxidizing agent in the form of OH (OHo) radicals.
  • AOP works by combining 3 types of proven treatments, namely: O3, UV, H2O2 to produce OH radicals. These three types of treatment are safe, available sustainably and environmentally friendly. The main advantage of this AOP system is that it can decompose all types of organic pollutants. AOP does not produce sludge so it does not require further handling and does not require large land for placement

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