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PT. Zefa Valindo Jaya (Bekasi, )

PT. ZEFA VALINDO JAYA is a national private company in Indonesia established in 1999 which is currently growing rapidly. PT Zefa Valindo Jaya focuses on 2 main areas, namely Services and Procurement of Water Treatment and Air Treatment. PT Zefa Valindo Jaya through its several divisions is ready to serve your industrial needs in the fields of Waste & Water Treatment, Water Treatment, Specialty Chemicals, Coatings, Equipments, Gas Turbine Cleaners, Filters and Industrial Maintenance Products & Services with the principle of 'one stop services'.
PT Zefa Valindo Jaya started by becoming one of the formulators and distributors of water treatment chemicals and industrial specialty chemicals under the AQUARIGHT brand and also the ZefaTech brand specifically for the maintenance of various industrial equipment or machinery and for the metal industry.
PT ZEFA VALINDO JAYA is growing very fast and has now become one of the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) which not only provides chemicals but is complete with a Total Complete System for needs; Waste water treatment - membrane systems, dewatering systems, AOPs and so on to meet various industrial needs.
PT Zefa Valindo Jaya successfully implemented a quality management system and obtained ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate No. DCIQ-171101 and ISO 45001: 2018 Certificate No. ARES / TW / I1909124S.
And to complement our products, since the beginning of 2009 we have been officially appointed and trusted as the sole agent in Indonesia by the world-famous Filter producers, MIKROPOR, Turkey specializing in Gas, Air and Liquid filters including Gas Turbines Air Intake Filtration products .
PT Zefa Valindo Jaya has collaborated with many companies both national and multinational, both in the work of procurement (material supply) as well as various construction projects for new installations or retrofitting or reconditioning. PT Zefa Valindo Jaya's products are increasingly widely known for their quality in meeting customer needs standards, and we are accustomed to solving even the most difficult problems by providing the best solutions when other products cannot, so many of our clients are satisfied and continue to look after good and continuous cooperation with us.
Our customer categories are various types of industries including Marines, Palm Oil Mill, Pulp & Paper, Textile, Steels Mill, Cold Storage, Food & Beverages, Refineries, Chemical Plants, Hotels, Public & Commercial Buildings, Oil & Gases, and Power Plants.
That is why so many of our satisfied customers have a reason why they still choose us.
Our service motto is 'We Treat It Right' where PT ZEFA VALINDO JAYA always tries to stand at the forefront in an environmentally friendly technology-based business by investing its money in the development of educated and experienced human resources to ensure the best quality of products and services for customers our faithful.
For more complete information, please explore more deeply the entire contents of this website or contact Sales & Marketing at Telephone: +6221 8873531, 8880316, 88865553-4,88977065, 88984410 Fax :ile +6221 8873532.


Berkembang melampaui batas-batas menjadi perusahaan global terbaik dalam bidang Water & Air Treatment.


Menjadikan ZEFA sebagai PRIORITAS pilihan bagi pelanggan dan mitra bisnis, dengan mengedepankan solusi dan teknologi yang ramah lingkungan; Berhasil, Berkarakter, dan Bermanfaat untuk kehidupan yang lebih baik.


Water Treatment:
  • WTP / WWTP / STP and Reclaim Water
  • Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP)
  • Ultimate Oxidation System (UOS)
  • Coagulant and Flocculant 

Air Treatment
  • HVAC Filters including HEPA, ULPA and LAF for Clean and Sterile Rooms
  • Gas Turbine Air Intake Filters
  • Compressed Air Filter and Air Dryers
  • N2 Generator



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